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Holiday List: Gadgets
  1. Salter Electronic Diet Scale

    Ideal for diabetic / dietary needs:

    • 1g /.005 oz increments
    • compact, same size as a palm pilot, fits into a pocket
    • add & weigh facility
    • auto zero & auto shut-off
    • invertible weighing tray / used as a travel cover
    • includes replaceable lithium batteries
    • 250g x .1g or 8 oz x .005oz

    Special $39.99
    Regular $69.98

  2. Breville Wine Chiller

    • Portable, 7 minute chiller
    • Ideal way of chilling a room temperature bottle of wine in minutes
    • Removable cord or battery operation (7 AA batteries)
    • 15 minute timer

    Freeze the 3 chill cells overnight (minimum 8 hours), then you place them into the wine chiller. Insert the bottle of wine and then pour in cold water. There's an agitating disk on the bottom that keeps the water circulating around the bottle.

    You set the timer and your wine will be ready for drinking in minutes. You can unplug the unit and bring the wine chiller to the table to use as an ice bucket.

    On a battery operation the chiller should run for about 3 hours. For chilling beverages without the timer, just turn it to the off position for the manual feature.

    Special $59.99
    Regular $69.98

  3. Kuhn Rikon Deluxe Dual Peeler

    Offers a choice of a classic peeler and a julienne peeler in one. Classic peeler easily removes the skin of fruits and vegetable in smooth, thin peels.

    Julienne Peeler creates thin strips of vegetables, citrus and chocolate. Dress up your food presentations from entrée to desserts.


  4. Chef'n Switchit

    • Dual-ended spatula
    • Offers 2 different-sized ends to use
    • Made of heat resistant silicone up to 260C or 500F
    • Won't scratch non-stick cookware
    • Asymmetrical design
    • Dishwasher Safe

    $9.95 - $11.95

  5. Trudeau Rotary Nutcracker

    • Innovative Design
    • Just drop the nut in and turn
    • No mess
    • Cracks the shell and protects the nut

    Special $14.99
    Regular $16.98

  6. Magnetic Spice Belt

    Here's a new & novel way to store your spices. Six generous sized Spice containers, made of Brushed stainless steel with a see-through lid. You can shake or pour your spice out of the different openings.

    Magnetic strip that can be screwed onto your wall or cabinets. Used as a single strip or a multiple of them, depending on how many spices you have.


  7. Silicone Pastry and Barbecue Brushes

    Re-designed the previous year's brush by making the bristles more flexible and finer. The pliability allows for a smoother spreading and basting sauces and liquids. Assorted lengths and colours.

    $4.95- $5.95

  8. Silicone Trivet/Jar Opener/Garlic Roller

    Multiple usages. Heat resistant up to 500' F and dishwasher-safe. Set of 2.


  9. Silicone Bakeware

    Flexible non-stick cookware, Even browning and quick cooling. Oven, microwave and freezer safe. Made in Italy.

    Bundt Pan and Loaf pan comes with a smart ring that helps to keep its shape.

    $17.99- $27.99

  10. Individual Silicone Muffin Liners

    Reusable muffin liners, set of 6.


  11. Mini Ladle Measuring Set (Stainless Steel)

    Really cute measuring set. Shaped just like a soup ladle. Don't need to angle your bottle to get your ingredients. Good to measure liquids, convenient to use in your salt cellar Just dip it in and scoop it out.


  12. Accutec Tower Grater

    This unique grater works more effectively than conventional grater. The blades are double sided and razor sharp. The blades are designed for specific grating tasks. You can effortlessly grate everything from hard chocolate to soft cheeses without shredding or ruining the foods' texture.

    Offers 3 grates ultra coarse, coarse and fine. 18- 10 stainless steel, non-slip removable base, and a calibrated dry measure on the sides.

    Special $39.99

  13. Good Grips Mini-Angled Measuring Cup

    A tiny measuring cup with a gauge on top, so you can just look down while you fill it, makes for fewer spills.

    Price not available

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